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Colocation Auckland

Colocation Services

Server Colocation enables businesses to share server space with other tenants.

Maintaining a server in an office location can be a difficult task due to the high level of resources involved. AstraQom’s Managed Colocation is an ideal alternative for companies that do not need or cannot afford to rent a room or a full rack in a data centre, or are overwhelmed by the resources needed. While renting a server space from colocation services facility, you benefit from all advantages of a data centre: IP addresses, bandwidth, cooling, power and physical security, all of the highest quality, and a minimisation of your maintenance costs.

Save space and IT resources by storing your PBX equipment, databases, and billing software in AstraQom’s secure data centre. The service is suited to both enterprises and small VoIP providers. By choosing our data centre services you improve your connectivity, with the fully protected AstraQom network, gaining more bandwidth than in-house hosting. With Managed Colocation being available and secured 24/7, you have access at any time to verify or modify your server.

AstraQom understands the importance of its facilities being available and easily accessible. It is known that the shorter the distance between your servers and their users, the better the performance of your applications. AstraQom operates facilities in data centres across New Zealand; Auckland is currently the location where colocation is available. Each location is also connected to AstraQom’s global network, making it even easier for AstraQom VoIP customers to connect.

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Server Colocation Auckland

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Monitored Colocation Data Centre

Our team of highly-experienced engineers understands the importance of your server availability and security. They constantly monitor network configurations and failsafe routing to ensure that any negative impact on your server is identified and prevented in a timely manner.

Cost-Effective Server Colocation

No installation charges. So you can enjoy the improvement in your communication with no upfront investment.

Advanced Managed Colocation

We provide improved end-user experience and hosted application performance.

Accessible Data Centre Services

We simplify your IT maintenance process so that you can focus on other vital aspects of your business while knowing that your data is secure from all points of view.

Comprehensive Colocation Services

Our global network and increasing number of data centres enable you to expand your reach across the globe.

Secure NZ Data Centres

We select only high-standard premier data centres where we also store our own devices.

Efficient Data Centre Services

All data centres are equipped to maximise security, redundancy and efficiency.

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Data Centre Services

Gray checkRedundant Climate and Humidity Control

Gray checkFire Detection and Suppression

Gray checkSecurely locked sectional cabinet environment

*All prices are exclusive of GST

Gray checkFREE Setup

Gray checkServers in prime locations

Gray checkRedundant Network Architecture

Gray checkMulti-Gigabit Ethernet Networks

Gray check24/7 Security Staff & NOC Support

Gray check24/7 Uninterrupted Physical Access to Data Centre

Gray check100% Network Uptime

Gray checkPower Redundancy

Rack Space Dimension
1U 2U 4U 21U 42U
2 Amps, 230V AC 2 Amps, 230V AC 2 Amps, 230V AC 10 Amps, 230V AC 20 Amps, 230V AC
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network Uplink
Dedicated 10Mbps Dedicated 10Mbps Dedicated 50Mbps Dedicated 100Mbps Dedicated 100Mbps
IP Allocation
1 IP address 1 IP address 5 IP addresses 13 IP addresses 29 IP addresses
Colocation Auckland

Benefits of Colocation Services

White checkAffordability: Companies of all sizes benefit from significantly increased savings, as logistics and maintenance expenditures are usually high: space, IT staff like network and facilities engineers, bandwidth, electricity, security, etc. Using server colocation allows businesses to share these costs with the other tenants.

White checkScalability: With business growth comes the need for more servers, and larger spaces. Hosting your server in a colocation facility allows you to increase your server capacity without dedicating more and more office space.

White checkSecurity: Colocation services ensure the best on-site security your data can receive, with strict security and authorised-only access. Servers are stored in an environment secured using the latest technologies such as video CCTV surveillance, badge/ biometric access, logs, locked cabinets, etc.) and 24/7 security patrols on premise.

White checkLive Monitoring: As the entire server colocation is monitored round the clock by AstraQom engineers, real-time monitoring of all the functions of your servers is another weight off your shoulders.

White checkOutage protection: All our data centres provide the highest reliability in any situation due to completely redundant systems. From a simple power outage to earthquakes, snow storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, we make sure that your servers stay up 100% of the time.

White checkPerformance: Co-location enables higher bandwidth and lower network latency, improving the performance of your hosted applications and efficiency of your business processes.

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