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Modern communication is no longer about phones and mail; it is completely integrated into how a successful business is managed.

Businesses are very diverse, and that has resulted in developers creating customised software for many domains. The integration of these software applications with a business phone system results in remarkable improvement of business processes and financial savings.

AstraQom services go beyond VoIP phone systems. We build global ERP solutions for your business, to end the challenges and the lost resources. AstraQom integrates its Hosted PBX with CRM software and basically any compatible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) out there.

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CRM Solutions

How is the Virtual PBX & CRM integration done?

CRM Integration allows the exchange of information between a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM system) and a business phone system (Virtual PBX).

By integrating a CRM software with a Hosted PBX, activities happening in the office phone system, such as call logs and call recordings, get sent and stored in the CRM database. At the same time, the Customer Management Software shares information so that the PABX telephone system can pull out data. The integration is usually done via API, which is a set of processes and software components which allows sharing the information from the current platform with another application.

How integration
improve CRM tools?

ERP Integration

Log all calls going through your Hosted in the CRM accounts, under the corresponding accounts.

CRM Solutions

By integrating your Virtual PBX with a CRM or ERP system you will be able to identify and pull out an account based on the caller's phone number.

Business Phone System

Create self-care systems by making account details available in the company IVR (read account balances, make credit card payments, etc.).

Office Phone System

Send and receive faxes from the CRM system.

CRM Integration

Call clients by simply clicking on their phone number in the database (click-to-call).

CRM Integration

For recorded calls, instead of accessing another platform, you can access the recording file just by clicking on a link in the CRM account.

These and many other capabilities can be built into a customised ERP solution

ERP CRM Integration

You are looking for an integrated CRM and Hosted PBX solution


You have a CRM system and are looking to integrate it with a Hosted PBX

Virtual PBX Cloud CRM Integration

Let AstraQom build, host and maintain your perfect customised solution by integrating two of the most important elements of your business: your customer database and your office phone system. Choose one of the greatest open source CRM systems on the market and link it to your Virtual PBX.

Sugar CRM


Is a unified customer database dedicated to businesses of all sizes and industries. It provides a highly customisable interface and advanced features, such as: activity logging, scheduling and history, email integration, document management, social media integration, mass and newsletter emailing, case management, etc.

Although SugarCRM is no longer available in the open source format, it can be purchased as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Open Source CRM


Is an all-in-one free open source CRM solution based on the SugarCRM version, including almost all of this system's features and capabilities.

The system is completely customisable and includes an easy to use Studio and Module Builder, making it simple to tailor without the need of advanced coding.

Vtiger CRM


Is a user-friendly CRM application with great popularity among small and medium-sized businesses. It includes a multitude of features for marketing, customer interaction and business activity planning: activity logging, sales quotes, scheduling and history, document management, knowledge base, product catalogue, invoices, mass and newsletter emailing, case management, etc.

AstraQom can integrate its Cloud PBX platform with almost any other CRM or ERP solution, thus, if you have one particular system in mind, simply give us a call and we will evaluate your requirements.

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Salesforce CRM CRM Zoho Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM System

You already purchased your CRM system and are very happy with it. What's next? The integration of your customer and operations database with a business phone system will allow you to significantly streamline your activity and observe customer behaviour easier, reaching your target audience in a much more efficient way.

You will continue to use your Customer Relationship Management platform just like you had until now, the difference is that customer information will be accessed in a faster way, reporting will be available for download in one place and activity logging will be automatic.

AstraQom can integrate its Hosted PBX system with an in-house CRM or one of the many available off-the-shelf platforms such as Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and many more.

Best CRM for small business


Our integrated ERP / CRM and Hosted PBX system helps you work with your clients from their first call and throughout your business relationship. From a CRM for small business to big setups, integrating a Hosted PBX with well-known CRM systems into well woven CRM solutions improves call flow, efficiency, and service quality.

A customised CRM & Hosted VoIP solution enables client satisfaction and loyalty. The integration of two of your core business systems improves aspects like handling and resolution time, accuracy and access to knowledge bases by bridging the gap between your company's most important components: your CRM platform and your Cloud PBX.

CRM systems help you remain connected to your clientele day in, day out. AstraQom links a base CRM to a VoIP Phone system, giving you a full ERP / CRM solution.

Why companies need a
Cloud Based CRM?

Human workforce action is crucial when it comes to coming up with new ideas on how to improve and expand your business, but when it comes to business platforms there is always the risk of human error. By using an integrated and automated phone and Cloud Based CRM you increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of employees, avoiding additional HR expenses thanks to the elimination of manual work.

You no longer need to worry about hosting and maintaining your CRM and business phone system. The integrated CRM & VoIP Phone System will be entirely hosted and managed by AstraQom, saving you time, money and human resources.

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